Lincoln Scottish Rite Masons Celebrate 'Knife & Fork' Degree with Table Lodge

As part of Venerable Master Jerry Pigsley’s plan to create an active Valley, the Lincoln Scottish Rite celebrated a Table Lodge on Wednesday, April 19th. Thirty Brethren attended a raucous evenings, with traditional toasts, excellent food, and great fellowship!  

The evening began with an Invocation and Pledge, and a welcome by Jerry Pigsley, 32°, Venerable Master for the Lodge of Perfection who served as emcees. A casual dinner of Cane’s chicken, Cole slaw, rolls, tea and water was served buffet-style.

After dinner, Jerry ordered the “cannons” charged, or filled with guests’ choice of red or white wine or grape juice. As toasts were proposed, the cannons were “fired,” as members bang the glasses on the table in unison - though the volley of cannon fire seemed to become more disjointed as the toasts continued!

Table Lodge toasts include raising a glass to our country, to the Holy Saints John, the the memory of our departed Brethren, the Grand Master, the Lodge (or in this case, the Valley of Lincoln), visiting Brethren, and Freemasons, wheresoever dispersed. Members proposed a few impromptu toasts along the way, including remembering Ill. Brother Sanford Nelson, 33° and Brother Jimmy Delp, 32° KCCH, both of whom passed away recently.

Brethren enjoyed a lot of laughs and great fellowship. Jerry plans to keep the momentum up during the year with a beer tasting, family picnic, the Walk for RiteCare, shooting at Big Shots, the Feast of Tishri, the Christmas dinner, and a RiteCare family party.