Scottish Rite Welcomes 2017 Officers at Installation

On Saturday, January 21, the Valley of Lincoln Scottish Rite hosted the annual installation of officers. Michael D. Gray, 33°, Personal Representative to the SGIG, served as Installing Master, with Dennis Brydl, 33° serving as Installing Marshal and George Hunt, 33° as Installing Chaplain.

With the officers dressed in tuxedos, Mike Gray welcomed guests and led the guests in the Pledge of Allegiance before installing the 2017 officers in an impressive ceremony. MW Reg Kuhn, 33° accompanied the installation with organ music, adding to the impressive quality of the day. The installation was held in the large lodge room, and guests included Illustrious Keith Will, Potentate of Sesostris Shrine and his Divan, R.W. Richard D. Myers, Deputy Grand Master of Masons in Nebraska, Robert Moninger (Grand Senior Warden), Ron Stites (Grand Junior Warden), John Maxell (Past Grand Master of Masons and General Secretary for the Valley of Omaha), and Charles V. Sederstrom, Jr., 33°, SGIG for Nebraska.

The newly installed Masters of the four Scottish Rite bodies each thanked the outgoing officers, presenting them with a beautiful plaque and gavel for their services. This year's officers are:

Jerry Pigsley, 32°. . . . . . . . . . Lodge of Perfection
Bill Hayes, 32°. . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter of Rose Croix
Keith Plummer, 32°. . . . . . . . . Council of Kadosh
Warder Shires, 32° KCCH. . . . Consistory
Andy Seachord, 32°. . . . . . . . .Knights of St. Andrew

Jerry thanked Mike Gray for serving as installation and outlined an ambitious schedule for the year, including the Robert Burns Dinner, Valentine's Day dinner and dance, Corned Beef and Cabbage feed, a table lodge, the RiteCare Walk, a family picnic, gun shoot, the Feast of Tishri, and the Christmas banquet. Check the Scottish Rite calendar for upcoming events!

Afterward, the Ladies of the Sesostris Shrine Divan hosted a reception in the grand ballroom.

Please plan to join the Scottish Rite officers for the regular business meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, beginning with social time at 5:00, followed by the Lodge meeting at 6:00, and dinner afterward.