Lincoln Celebrates Centennial Reunion

M.W. Dennis Rix and the officers of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska kicked off the centennial celebration of the Lincoln Scottish Rite Masonic Center with a cornerstone rededication on October 7, 2016. The event recognized the Lincoln Scottish Rite, dedicated on August 8, 1916.

After determining the cornerstone was (symbolically) laid true, corn, wine, and oil were applied to the cornerstone. Representing the produce of the land, corn, wine, and oil are used in hopes that the Lodge will prosper, “reaping the abundance of Masonic cultivation and a rich harvest of ripe character from the seeds it plants. . . The corn is poured as an emblem of nourishment; the wine as an emblem of refreshment and the oil as an emblem of joy and happiness.”

Afterward, eleven Brothers received the degrees of the Scottish Rite, followed by a capping ceremony and reception in the grand ball room. Charles V. Sederstrom, Jr., 33°, capped the new 32° Princes of the Royal Secret, welcoming them to the fraternity. This Reunion class is the largest class to have joined in a long time and a fitting way to celebrate the Lincoln Scottish Rite’s 100th anniversary!