Valley of Lincoln Celebrates Feast of Tishri

The Feast of Tishri is considered the most “Scottish Rite” of observances, and is the only remaining mandatory festival on the Scottish Rite calendar. The Feast of Tishri derives its origins from God’s decree to the children of Israel who were commanded that this Feast would be celebrated annually to forever remind the children of Israel that He had rescued them from Egypt. This “Feast of Tishri” is thus, in one measure, a symbol of freedom.

Some 450 years after its origin, the Feast of Tishri was utilized in dedicaitng the newly completed King Solomon’s Temple. This association led to its adoption by Scottish Rite Masonry as we symbolically rededicate King Solomon’s Temple through our rededication to brotherly love and our fraternity in a peaceful world.

Last year, the Valley of Lincoln was unable to celebrate the Feast of Tishri as the ballroom was being remodeled. This year, with the work complete, sixty-two guests gathered for a wonderful dinner of raspberry marshallow fluff salad, followed by roasted chicken, creamed green beans, roasted baby potatoes, fresh rolls, followed by spiced cake.

Members gave the obligatory toasts, incliuding to our Grand Lodge, our SGIG Charles V. Sederstrom, Jr., 33°, our Supreme Council, to all Masons and their ladies.

Our speakers were Rabbi Teri Appleby of the South Street Temple, who spoke about the meaning of the Jewish High Holidays. Among the things observant Jews are called upon during the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippor are atonement and repentence. The shofar, or ram’s horn, is sounded, calling members to a serious, introspective accounting of oneself. Members are required to examine their motivations and deeds and make a real, significant change rather than a superficial change in behaviors. This introspection and soul-searching never finishes, much as Masons continue to build their own spiritual temple and progress toward from the Rough to the Finished Ashlar.

Don Albrecht, 32° followed Rabbi Appleby, speaking on the Mystic Bonds of Brethren, calling upon all Masons to enjoy a time of joy, peace and fellowship.

Afterward, guests enjoyed msuic from the Star City Kochavim, who played several klezmer pieces, music from the Jewish tradition of eastern Europe.

This year’s Feast of Tishri was one of the best Tishri dinners held, and a credit to many Brethren in the Valley of Lincoln who organized the evening. Special thanks to Don Albrecht, 32°, George McCabe, 33°, Nick Furchert, 32°, and Jeff Schumacher, 32° who helped support the evening.